Getting you Financially Well Organised

Before we even consider what the right strategies are for you, the process of getting and keeping your financial house in order starts with collaborating and being clear on what assets you currently have, where everything is located and where the monies are flowing and why. We do this using visual flowcharts and our lifetime cash flow modelling. Then it’s a matter of creating order and having all financial matters and documents of importance stored and easily accessible in one secure vault or location. This ensures we can be confident we are across everything when assessing all aspects of your financial and life circumstances.

Key areas of focus here include:

  • Cashflow planning and debt management
  • Income planning (particularly when you are in the retirement phase)
  • Tax planning (liaising with Accountants if required)
  • How this ties back to the most important aspects of your life via the use of simpler, more engaging Óne page Financial Plans and client/business dashboards so everyone is clear on the current status, accountabilities and next steps
Retirement Planning

As you approach the end of your working life, it is important that you plan for the next chapter, where there will still be bills to pay and a lifestyle to fund.

Retirement is a life-changing which will impact:

  • What you consider to be a 'safe' investment
  • Whether or not you will be entitled to any Age Pension benefits
  • The reality of what income your retirement savings will generate in coming years
  • How you will fund your Aged Care needs in the future, and
  • Tax implications of your remaining sources of income.

We work closely with you in the years approaching your retirement so that this transition has the least financial stress possible for you and your family. Having a clear plan for when you finish working, can go a long way towards a rewarding and happy next stage of life.

Superannuation Strategies

With so many superannuation providers and product choices, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. By taking an active interest in your super, and being engaged in the process, you can achieve so much more.

We make it easy for you to get engaged with your superannuation plan, by keeping it simple with strategies designed around tax-effective outcomes. 

If terms like 'Salary Sacrifice', 'Deductible Contribution' and 'Transition to Retirement' make your head spin, it's time to partner with us to build your understanding and take control of your financial future.

Investment Advice

It's understandable to be overwhelmed by the number of possible ways to invest your money. However, it's important to remember that it's the number of available investment products that make it overwhelming and not the strategies that will set you on the path to your specific financial goals.

GHG Private Wealth Pty Ltd will identify the specifics of your situation to cut through the confusion and make it as simple as possible to make the right financial choices.

We explore factors like your purpose for building your wealth, when you need to access money, what you expect your return on investment to be over that time and how you might react to periods of volatility.

As specialists in investment strategies, we can tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and suggest products that will be best suited to your objectives.

Contingency Planning

The reality is that any financial plan is only as good as it’s weakest link. We at GHGPW believe that having a solid foundation is critical, starting with risk management. That is protecting you as much as is reasonably possible from the things that you don’t always see or expect. Also, from those aspects where ‘leakage’ can occur, or which can work against your best interests.

Core to this is the following areas we focus on as part of our forward planning process:

  • Insurance (where applicable). GHG Private Wealth Pty Ltd limits our input and scope of work on the insurance side to identifying if there are any potential shortfalls in cover after considering your broader circumstances. If there is a need identified, then we liaise closely with our external insurance specialists to implement any required insurance solutions and ensure you have the right level of cover
  • Structuring your financial affairs in terms of ownership **
  • Asset Protection **
  • Estate Planning **

** Please note in all these key foundational areas, with your consent, we see our role as very much acting like your Personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and project manager overseeing all the main aspects to ensure follow through occurs. We don’t provide specific advice beyond identifying a potential need after taking into consideration ALL your broader circumstances and reasonably foreseeable risks. We will also provide some high-level education around the options to ensure you have the clarity you need. Further, where it is relevant, we will refer you to appropriate specialist professionals to ensure nothing important gets missed for your peace of mind.

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